Sergio Terrazas


Program Director

Sergio spent the last 8 years at UTEP running a research based fitness program for the geriatric population, training Kinesiology interns, and establishing sport specific strength & conditioning internship programs at local high schools.

In 2021 he established his LLC Strength Through Movement which focuses on creating specific exercise programs for adults 18-80+ years of age.

His collaboration with Fyzical Athletics over this last year has allowed him to return to his roots, sports. With their help he can continue on his journey to give quality training to all members of the community.
"Gym isn't life. It's a tool I use to enjoy the things I love in life even more. That's why I love the gym"

Matthew Flores

BS, Kinesiology Exercise Science

Head Strength Coach

Matthew is a UTEP graduate with a bachelor's degree in kinesiology and a concentration in exercise science. He was an all around athlete in high school, participating in sports such as baseball, basketball, wrestling and weight lifting. Aside from strength training, Matthew also provided his community with therapeutic and rehab services as a part time Physical therapy tech. In his free time, he likes watching and analyzing sports as well as participating in them. His goals are to bring awareness to his community on how health and fitness can promote overall quality of life. He also aims to work with athletes to increase performance on and off the field.
"All progress takes place outside your comfort zone"

Javier Diaz

BS, Kinesiology Exercise Science

 Strength Coach

Javier is a Utep graduate with a bachelors in kinesiology. He strives to gain experience, obtain his CSCS and learn from clients as well as his fellow co-workers. While working as a trainer, he is always trying to help our clients achieve their goals and build client-trainer relationships to better understand their goals. Outside of work, Javier likes to stay active as well as play his guitar and enjoy some time playing video games.
"The biggest failure in life is not failure itself. The biggest failure in life is living without attempting to achieve any dreams because of the fear of failing"

Christopher McGlone

BS, Kinesiology Exercise Science

 Strength Coach

Chris is a native to El Paso and a UTEP graduate with a bachelors in exercise science. He has been Providing therapeutic services for his community for 6 years with concentrations in strength training, physical mobility, and athletic performance training. In his spare time Chris enjoys an active lifestyle by going to the gym and playing sports. Other hobbies include playing video games and watching anime with his family. Prospectively, Chris plans on expanding his knowledge by getting his certification in strength and
conditioning (CSCS) as well as continuing his education in physical therapy.
"Strength comes in response to a need, not a desire. You have to create that need."

Contact Information


  13472 Eastlake BLVD, Horizon City, Texas, 79928

 2270 Joe battle Blvd Ste T, El Paso, Tx 79938