sport-specific program

Our sport specific program is designed to help take our athletes to the next level. All programs are designed by one of our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists that are specific to each sport and the season they are currently in. Every athlete goes through comprehensive testing to help to see where they are at and helps our trainers design more effective programs. Fyzical Athletics sport specific programs give athletes all the tools they need to be successful in whatever sport they choose to pursue.

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Strength Through Movement

Just because you are no longer an athlete doesn't mean you can't still train like an athlete. Our Strength Through Movement program is geared toward the general population ages 18-80years old. It integrates athletic movements, olympic lifts, compound exercises, and movement based exercises to help our clients lose weight, build muscle and increase overall quality of life. Within this program we offer customization that allows our athletes to choose between a program oriented towards functional fitness or bodybuilding all within our core principles.

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Ageless Fitness Program

The Ageless Fitness Program is a comprehensive weight training program that increases balance, strength, and overall weight loss. Our programs are administered by exercise science professionals that provide guidance and safety measures to truly provide a quality experience. It's about having a good quality of life and truly enjoying everyday life as we age.

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Tactical Strength and Conditioning

Our Strength and Conditioning experts apply scientific knowledge to train military, law enforcement, fire & rescue, and emergency personnel.  This program is designed for all to help improve performance and decrease injury risk in all our protective service personnel. All members in this program not only show tremendous success in passing their specific tests, but excelling in them.

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Nutrition Program

We all know to fully achieve the results we want and live a healthy lifestyle nutrition is key. That's why we teamed up with a local dietician that comes up with a nutrition and macronutrient plan to help our members meet their goals.

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Yoga designed for athletes and members of all ages and levels. Includes mindful breathing with strengthening the body through movement. Promotes mobility, focus, and overall well being. A perfect compliment to any individual who is busy, has a heavy physical load, or just wants to feel great.

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Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)

Flexibility is not MOBILITY. This specialized style of training is designed to truly increase a client's mobility, increase integrity at the joint, and give the client access to a more active range of motion. Whether you're an athlete who's trying to become injury resistant or somebody trying to move better and have healthier joints, this program is something everyone should be doing.

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